Saturday, 15 March 2008

Play Misty for me.

Not so much misty as rainy, cloudy, cold and wet.

Not a day for photography thats a fact. However a day to look forward. To look forward to whats just around the corner.

It wont be long till talk is of Redstart and Pied flycatcher in the forest. Then Spotted Flycatcher, and of course in amongst them are all the Warblers. Already there has been a reported sighting of a Wheatear in the Forest near Speech House.

Chins up!, Spirits raised! But even though its not been great weather this weekend so far, there is always one thing to bring a smile to my face when driving through the Forest at the moment.


Despite all the ongoing arguments about the rights and wrongs of having sheep loose in the Forest, I defy anyone not to smile when they see these little beauties. Makes one glad to be alive.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Best Boar Ever.

Just wanted to draw your attention to Dave Slaters most recent boar shots. Dave spends many hours walking around the forest with his dogs and actively searches for boar. His endeavours have certainly paid off this time but don't take my word for it go check out his site. (see my links)

Look at my best shots and then compare them. It's laughable really and truly shows how far I've got to go before i can even think of myself as established as a wildlife photographer.

Well done Dave.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Check it out.

New in my Links is the Blogspot of Bob Bushell. Bob is a contributor to that site.

Bob keeps an excellent site. He has some great pictures thereon.

Check out his Kestrel and Long Tailed Tit pic's amongst the others, they are very good.

Birds and Nature in the Forest of Dean,


A Mixed Bag.

Strange sort of a day today, weather wasn't quite that predicted so the most was made of it.

Toads were one of the species I got, I wasn't prepared to get too wet.

There were quite a few active pairs.

Then a trip to the RSPB reserve at Nagshead gave my the opportunity for this chance photo.
May not be the best quality but a lovely gimmicky shot.

The opportunity to take more did not produce itself.

Earlier in the day a trip to the feeders at Cannop produced one or two nice shots.

A nice shot of this Blackbird

The resident Brambling

A male Reed Bunting.

Of course there were my favourites (robins) and this lovely Coal Tit.

A mixed bag.