Thursday, 21 June 2012


Is it really June? Infact is June nearly over? I can't recall many opportunities for photography so far this month so I've been scratching about when I have had the chance.

One positive from the last few days is Cuckoo. I can't seem to go anywhere without hearing them and yesterday I saw three, two of which were sitting in the same tree and what lens did I have? Yes you guessed my macro lens, The one on its own was sitting in a tree which I walked below on a footpath and got directly underneath it, it was about 30 feet above me before it saw me and flew off. Cracking sights.

I have managed some bird photography including a few nice shots of Common Whitethroat and Reed Warblers.


Reed Warbler.

The two bottom shots of the Warblers are obviously a fledgling and it being fed. The light was poor and difficult so I am not overly pleased with the results but it shows good behaviour.

I managed a Pied Wagtail too.

and a pair of GCG's from a little distance,

However my highlight of this post are the following shots of Banded Demoiselle which I got on Wednesday. I spent an age photographing them  and got soaked once again in wet grass but they are much much better than my recent posting and I am really chuffed with some of them.

The green ones are the females which I'm sure you all knew. These are all taken with my Tamron lens again, It has amazed me.

I also got another Dragon fly for the year but it was with my 600 and from a distance with the sun behind it so excuse the quality.

Four Spotted Chaser.

Its forecast rain for the next few days which is just as well as I've had a minor op on my leg and been told not to walk too much so if I had to lose days I'm glad they are wet ones. Oh yeah another un-photographed highlight of the week was watching a rather large Grass snake sunning itself on a pile of old grass cuttings at Bodenham lake. I couldn't get a shot of it though as it saw me when I moved towards it and was off. It brought back memories of a great day spent with Chris G at a spot in Derby when we watched and photographed one swimming, I believe Chris has a few shots of it on his website if you want to look,

Thanks for looking, click for larger images.