Friday, 18 December 2009

Some new some old.

Wanted to start this post with a pair of new visitors to the garden. Both turned up on a grey day so excuse the quality this is just to show the new arrivals.

Long tailed Tit.

I am really chuffed that this little fellow/lassie visited my garden, I had three at the same time.

Also this second little fellow, love these to bits.


Then on the brightest day we've had for a while a trip to Slimbridge produced very little but here are a few of the reliable oldies.

Tufted Duck.

The Bewick Swans are enjoying their stay at the WWT site.

There are one or two of this next bird at the reserve, this one had no rings and clearly it's wings weren't clipped. It's a Bar headed Goose.

The weather has turned decided cold now hasn't it? Don't forget to feed the birds and if you can, ensure they have water. Bread is not good for the little birds so try not to put that out. Cake is something that they like and I'm sure there will be a lot of that in the next few weeks.
As usual click on the pics for a larger version.