Monday, 15 July 2013

Long hot Fortnight

It has been incredibly hot hasn't it? The kind of weather that makes photography difficult. If you haven't done what you want by lunchtime you are better off waiting till early evening as the light is so harsh during the early afternoon.

On one day out this last week or so I took over 130 frames. With the exception of about 5 or 6 all were deleted on my return home due to not looking quite right.

It's been a few weeks of butterfly and dragonfly photography with a few other bits thrown in.

4 spotted Chaser,

Black Tailed Skimmer,

Banded Demoiselle,

and finally, Emperor.

On the butterfly front I added.

Small Skipper,

and Meadow Brown.


I have taken a few bird shots just recently too. I was at Burton Mere RSPB reserve hoping to do dragonflies when this little beaut popped up infront of the hide.

I was also out one evening with the dog, again looking for dragonflies which were none existent. But decided to have a go at the House Martins that were sweeping over the corn. I only had the 70-200mm lens with me but I'm quite pleased with the results.

The highlight of this posting though isn't wild birds, dragonflies or butterflies. Its captive birds. The village had its annual fete on sat 13th and this year there was a bird of prey display. Absolutely fabulous, I even got involved. I had the glove on and the Harris Hawk came to me. Its a fabulous experience the Harris Hawk is quite a large bird. Very intimidating.

The display involved getting the Harris to take food thrown to it in mid flight. I managed the two following shots.

I'm still not sure of the rights or wrongs of keeping such birds in captivity, but still a fabulous occurrence.

Lets hope the weather continues for a while yet.

On the personal front, I am on the move again. Hopefully on or very near to the 26th July. It's a move back to Hereford. At least for 6 months. So forgive me if there isn't a post for a couple of weeks now.

Click on the pics for larger versions.