Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fun at the Feeders Pt 2

Continuing my feeder theme, here are a few more pictures from various feeder stations in the forest.

This Treecreeper is a regular visitor to the Arboretum. It works it's way around the fallen tree.

This Stock Dove is very skittish, it is easily spooked.

Nuthatches can be seen all around the Forest of Dean.

They are a beautiful bird to photograph.

A small flock of Long tailed tits have been visiting the feeder at Cannop.

The usual tits also frequent the various feeder stations.

The Great tit.

The Blue tit.

The Chaffinch is sometimes accompanied by Brambling but I have not seen any this winter.
A very underrated bird is the Blackbird. Dont you love the contrast of the beak to the body?

Theres always things to see in the Forest of Dean.