Friday, 30 November 2012

Come to Daddy.

The weather has been a factor across most of the UK this week, floods have destroyed homes and along with strong winds have taken lives. The temperature has dropped in to single figures on a regular basis. This has meant that the consumption of food at my FS has risen above expectations. I have already used 100 fatballs, 12.75kgs of seed and over 5kgs of peanuts. I am concerned that at this rate it will be an expensive project.
However I have stopped hanging single fatballs from branches as the squirrels had most of them away. I have stopped the squirrel having all the peanuts away by buying a better peanut holder and I have bought another seed holder so that I don't have to put so much loose down.
All that said, I am very pleased with the increase in the numbers of birds that are visiting. I have also had a fleeting visit from the most beautiful male Bullfinch and if he starts coming regularly then it will all be worth it.
I have left my hide in situ, I hope its not a mistake because the price of them has risen so drastically over the last 12 months or so that I couldn't afford to buy another just like that.

Anyway, a beautiful afternoon thursday allowed me to spend a good 3 hrs in the hide, that was after I had driven around large parts of the chester surrounds looking for Waxwing. I failed miserably though.
Back at the FS I managed a nice shot of a Long tailed tit.

and a Dunnock

Great and Blue Tits

and a Coal Tit

and of course Sammy Squirrel.

A quick trip away from the FS to Christleton pond and I got a few shots of Cormorant.

I think that the cormorant would be much better thought of it they were white. No I'm not being racist, I merely mean that they are the bird world equivalent of Darth Vader, you see them sitting there knowing that at some point a fish is going to get it, If they were white they would be looked at in the same way as the Egrets.

So no Waxwing and as yet nothing truly sexy at the FS. come back next week and see if its changed. Oh and I am hoping that Santa is going to bring me a new camera for christmas, I think I'd like the 5D mk 3 or the 6D.