Thursday, 28 May 2009

A day of differences.

Warm but not so sunny but a huge improvement on yesterday.

An early start and a number of trips to the recycling tip before I could pick up a camera. Met up with Chris Grady and together we partook of the delightful grub at the Gavellers Cafe at the Beechenhurst lodge.
A number of targets were planned but unfortunately we were not too lucky. However a few things did present themselves.

This little squirrel was at the arboretum.

Cheeky little chappie.
I have said before that I don't do plants, but again this isn't a shot that's about the detail, Its a shot about a plant on it's own. In a forest alive with Bluebells this one was on its own. Quite poignant I thought.

This one below is unusual, I can't recall having seen a white Bluebell before, It was in a different location and amongst other Bluebells.

I presume it is a bluebell, I'm no botanist.

Apparently there has been an influx, in large numbers, of Painted lady butterflies. Highest numbers since 1996 I believe. Well in an hour or two this afternoon we certainly saw a very high number of them passing through an area in the forest. Some were taking a break amongst the bluebells and other plants.

A rarity in the forest is the Small Pearl bordered Fritillery, this one was looking mighty fine in the afternoon sun.

As I started by saying a day of differences, not a bird picture to be found. I look forward to a weekend of sunshine and opportunity.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Up to Chester again.

Have been up to Chester to see my mum and make sure my inheritance is still secured. Had some opportunities on Sat to get in a bit of photography. I have strayed from my norm a little to include these first three shots.

I don't normally do Plants, these are not really plant shots. Guilden sutton, the village where I was born, is surrounded with fields of gold, just as the Forest has Bluebells, they have buttercups and king buttercups, in fact the Primary school that I attended has the King cup as its motif. Guilden, I'm led to believe, used to mean Golden back in the day.

These shots were taken with my 300mm and are meant only to show a small section of the fields. Had I had a wide angle with me you would have seen the true picture which is quite stunning.

Okay, I couldn't resist a little stab at nostalgia, when I was a wee small child I spent a great deal of my time with my family walking around the countryside and fishing. Dandelion heads were always a favourite, blowing the seeds away. Seeing this sent me back in time and brought a tear to my eye, as it is now, remembering my dear old Dad.

Anyway, to move rapidly on. Another much visited place was Christleton Pit. Feeding the ducks and swans. I've featured Christleton on here before, you may remember the Cormorant pics from a while ago.

This time it was chicks. Mute swan and Coot. Do you think that they are as different as chalk and cheese. One is cute and fluffy the other is ugly and downright noisy, you choose which is which.

Did you choose the above as the ugly one? Perhaps this will sway you.

Go on tell me it's not beautiful.

All together, aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
Oh just to mention quickly, whilst you here in the forest were having it sunny and warm saturday, it wasn't until late in the afternoon that we saw sun up there. Enjoy.