Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More of the same I'm afraid.

Just when I thought I was going to get chance to get off the car park there was another load of snow which will keep me trapped for a few more days.

I shouldn't complain, as I've previously said this cold snap is bringing lots to my garden feeders. Here is my latest garden first, a Meadow Pipit. I was totally amazed when this turned up. I would have loved better light but it wasn't to be. I'm not complaining.

I have had as many as six Woodpigeons in the garden at any one time, they do a great job of mopping up the food on the ground.

The Song Thrushes and Blackbirds are also coming in numbers. I am still holding out for Redwing or Fieldfare, that will truly be amazing.

Robins, enough said you know I love them.


Lastly the bullying Blackcap is still around and I'm not upset by that.

Keep up the feeding and watering. Click for bigger versions.