Sunday, 22 May 2011

From my back door and a little beyond.

I have myself a job now, working 4 days a week, so chances for photography are few and far between. Add to that fact a head cold, very high winds and problems with my 1D mk 3 and you will hopefully understand why I have not got a lot to offer.

However, I hope that what I have got is of a quality that will please. I want to start with a subject that I have mentioned before, the moon. I love the moon, I find it very calming and mesmerising. I spent a while looking at the moon one evening recently and played about with different settings on the camera. I wish I had the ability to read the destruction booklet and learn more about using my camera but as soon as I start reading, my mind goes blank. I got one shot that I'm happy with.

I would love to get better shots, 

Something else that always amazes me are Dandelion clocks. You know the one's that you blow to tell the time, unless you're a 4yr old child and you suck and get a gob full of seeds. I love the delicate nature of the things.

This isn't probably the best shot you've ever seen of one but it shows what I mean.

The birds in my garden are looking somewhat rough, the Blue tits are unphotographable at the moment. The Starling stay for only a second or two and are extremely flighty. The Woodpigeons are great but my dog dashes out to chase them off as soon as they land on the fence. The only birds that are brave enough to ignore her are the House Sparrows.

The best surprise of the week though was a Hornet in the garden. When I first saw it I thought it was dead.

This is exactly as it was. But as i set up my kit it started to move and only then did I actually realise just how large they are.

I can't recall having seen one this close.

I dont think it was well, it found a hole and crawled into it, but I enjoyed the short time I spent in it's company.

I banged my camera this week and have been having intermittent problems with it, now that I'm working I will be able to afford to send it off to get it checked. Thankfully I have the 50D as a back up. so hopefully weather and time permitting I will be able to post again soon. The exposure seems all over the place so best get it checked. I'm also still having problems with the computer, so a new one of those is on the cards too.
Thanks for your patience in waiting for this post. Andy C, you can update your website now.