Sunday, 12 August 2012

A little bit of this and that.

A patchy week, mostly spent chasing dragonflies. Hawkers the like of Southern or Migrant still evade my camera, I did see one but no photo. Black Tailed Skimmer and Darters have been the order of the day on most days. Ruddy Darters to start.

Very obliging little critters these, a little jittery at first.

my favourite shot of these were when they were flying in tandem.

I spent an afternoon with some BTS they have a routine, they tend to sit until something comes onto their patch then chase them off and return to their spot. This enables you to move a little closer each time they move away. eventually they allow you to get real close.

this is camera full frame, taken lying on my rather large belly using my 100 macro with a +2 adapter lens on it. absolutely amazing.

Some other shots from the BTS.

Common Darter too this week. Not as close as the Ruddy ones though.

A special critter this week was my first ever Hazel Weevil, I honestly cannot recall ever having seen one of these before.

A stunning little critter I think you'd agree. I also got some stunners of adult Forest bugs. Two of them were together in an Oak tree.

There was some other stuff but I will finish with a couple of spiders, the first is a delicate little thing although with the size of its legs its not really little.


Finally a rather arty shot of a Garden Spider which I quite liked.

Rain, Thunder and Lightening this morning here in Hereford so no photography today. See you in a week.