Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunshine Bright.

Hasn't it been a fabulous few days? We have had some cracking sunshine, which has helped to improve my mood. I went off to the Oxford/Berkshire border in search of Hare and Red Kite. I saw both but unfortunately not close enough to photograph. It allowed me to leave some of my problems behind so from that perspective I enjoyed it.

Back closer to home I have had some more of the same as my recent post.

Started with more Adder, if you sit still and watch these critters they are actually quite amazing. They really do find the Hotspots in which to lie in the morning and as the sun moves around they shift position to suit.

The feeders, at New fancy produced the usual Tits and Bramblings.

The Bramblings are reducing in numbers now that the temperature is increasing.

The Chaffinch and Goldfinch were also there.

As were the Siskin.
In another part of the forest were these Goosander, The top one is the female.

There were also a number of Mandarin Duck, this female was having a bit of a flap.

Whereas the male was just looking stunning.

Another trip to New fancy allowed me more views of this little lizzard, It's a common lizzard.

The weather is going to be more unpredictable this week so opportunities may be fewer.