Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Off and On

As my private life has taken a bit of a dive recently I have struggled to find the enthusiasm for photography, couple that with some terrible weather and thats the reason for such a long spell between Bloggings.

I do have a first though for you to see, I'll come to it shortly. I have been doing a bit of dragonfly spotting.

Southern Hawker Male.

Migrant Hawker Male

Migrant Female

and a Common Darter,

I also managed a bit of feeder photography in the forest whilst waiting for Roxy to have her hair cut.

and whilst in the forest I also got a lizard or two.

A trip down to Devon to help Chris G do a bit of work around his place after his operation gave us the chance to do a moth trap stint, and whilst we didn't get anything exceedingly sexy we got a couple of nice things, this Angle Shades was my favourite.

The star of this posting though has to be the following, I've never seen one knowlingly before so to see it and photograph it was amazing, this was back up in Hereford yesterday, (Mon 8th Sept)

It's the beautiful Brown Argus. It's a bit of a crop but I'm very pleased with it.

Since my last posting I have become a Grandad again, Little Eric Alexander Hodges-Davis arrived.

Here he is with his dad. So Proud.

That's it for this time dont forget to check out the Smugmug gallery, in my links, or at www.briandavis.smugmug.com