Thursday, 27 February 2014

This week I have been mostly in the garden.

Not strictly true, it was last week and it was in the house photographing birds at the bottom of the garden.

Having lived in the house for nearly 7 months it was only in the last week or so that I began to take notice of what was in the trees at the bottom of the garden. Nothing sexy or spectacular but still some nice stuff. Mostly Blue and Great tits.

But also a few others,

Also a rather plump little Squirrel.

None of which came anywhere near whilst this was around.

I moved house again now though so I won't be seeing any more of them.
A nice morning last saturday (22nd) saw me down in the Forest of Dean and the opportunity to get some different stuff.

Coal Tits,

Marsh Tit,


Reed Bunting,

Nuthatch again.

It really was a beautiful morning. I have to offer thanks to a chap called Ian who let me piggy back his set up.

On route back home I went to Wyastone park and had a look at the Fallow deer.

Ok so not technically wild but still lovely.

Like I said at the beginning I'm in a new house now, in fact it's not new it's where I was living last time in Hereford. I'm looking forward to doing some small stuff in the neighbouring parks and fileds in the summer. I've also joined Herefordshire Nature Trust so I'm looking forward to doing some different stuff in their reserves too.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Chris G and Mike S next week, our pilgrimage to Birmingham is here again.