Monday, 16 November 2009

Back to Nature, well back to New Fancy.

A few hours of sunlight were forecast this a.m so I jumped in the jaloppy and headed to the forest. My real reason was another appointment at the Doctors, but I took the cameras as always.

The sun was hit and miss and the wind was pretty strong so to keep things simple I put a bit of feed on the rock at New fancy and waited to see what came.

My old favourite the Robin didn't disappoint.

A pair of Nuthatch were back and to like machines, god only knows how they remember where they hide the food.

The Coal tits likewise, they must expend more energy flying back and to than they can replace eating. Got to love the little beauties though.

There were lots of Chaffinches, I was hoping a few Bramblings might have visited by now but they didn't show whilst I was there. Next time hopefully though.

No Crossbills present either which again was disappointing. I was going to have a look at Boys Grave but the weather turned very wet. So I shot off back home saving it all for another day.
Click on the Pics for bigger versions.