Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Slimbridge in the sun.

It was a very nice day, Sunday 17th. I was up before light and on my way to Slimbridge WWT hoping that the weather team had it right, which they did. Slimbridge had not enjoyed the thaw as much as Herefordshire had and it was still largely frozen over. There had been reports of Bittern at the Kingfisher hide, I was there waiting when the staff opened the gate to the south finger.

Two hours sitting in the Kingfisher hide produced no Bittern, But this skulking fox came nearby. He didn't look my way or stay for more than a few seconds, but it was nice to see him.

As I'm sure you can imagine Slimbridge was heaving with people by mid-morning and the hide was full of people and the noise was unbearable, I cant believe people actually expect to see things when they make so much noise. I had become chilled to the bone so I decided to cut my losses and walk around the reserve and grab what I could.

This Shoveler duck was struggling with the Ice on the South lake. He was the only one I saw.

The Robins were plentiful, I still love them.

I tried a few flight shots, these Mallards were one effort.

This Juvenile Common Gull and the Black headed below it were two more efforts.

The Black headed was coming in to land.

This Gadwall was slippy sliding all over.

The Greylag, like all geese, looks graceful when flying but it's one hell of an effort to get off the water. Watch out Gulls!!!

I think the gull on the right is trying hard to get out of the way.

The Goldfinch feeding on the teezles were lush too.

Not quite the day I had hoped for, I dont like Slimbridge when its quite so crowded but I do like the fact that it was and that the money keeps pouring in for the Birds etc.
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