Sunday, 28 April 2013

Was that summer?

We, in Cheshire, had one nice day this week. We have had the odd nice evening which I guess we should be happy with. I have been trying to do more rabbits this week. I made a bit of a project of it. However, speaking of projects you will recall that in my last post I was going to do a days project on Little Egret, unfortunately they disappeared never to return  the day after I did my last post. I'm not too disappointed.

Back to the Rabbits. I am sure that any of you who have tried to get shots of rabbits will know that it isnt that easy. They do not like to see you and will often leg it whilst you are still a way away. I obtained most of my shots this week from my car, they don't seem to be too fazed as long as you dont open the door and try and get out.

Those first two are obviously the same kitten. This third was taken on a less sunny day at a different spot.

and again this one taken at a different spot on a different day.

Last evening (sat) I decided to try a different tack. I decided to get to a local area where the rabbits come out in the evening. Its a narrow lane that leads down to the council depot adjacent to the A55/M53 converge.
I had been there earlier in the day to suss it out, and had been checked out by the local Police Officer who had seen my parked car and was worried I may be up to no good. Having assured him that my intentions were entirely above board he went away happy. I had looked for rabbit runs coming out of the hedge as an indication of the best spot to wait. I got there early and positioned my self in what I hoped was a good spot. I sat down with the tripod over my legs and waited. I was wearing a camo top and green cap but blue trousers. sure enough within thirty minutes rabbits were coming out further down the lane. I was still hopeful that I was in a good spot although a little concerned that the evening breeze had moved slightly and was blowing any scent of me towards the area I was hoping the rabbits would emerge. However a rabbit emerged slightly to my left and started to come towards me, stopping to feed every now and then.

Eventually the rabbit got to within 30 feet of me, I was convinced it must have seen me especially as I turned the lens to face it, but it did not seem fazed by me at all, infact it did something I'd never have believed, it not only sat down but it lay down stretched out it's back leg and sunbathed in the glorious evening sun. Initially I thought it must be a buck but having looked at the collection of photos I took, after the event, I think it was a heavily pregnant doe.

Either way we sat and looked at each other for 20 minutes or so, I took a couple of dozen shots and she never moved. I love the way the sun highlights the veins in its ear. Ok maybe not the best technical shots due to the backlight but a fantastic experience. I had a really sore bum by the time she eventually got up and hopped away. I have truly enjoyed messing around with rabbits this week.

Bad weather forecast for at least the next 48hrs in Cheshire, but I have hopes to get some photography done, There are Blackcaps in a hedgerow that runs alongside the primary school in the village, so on Monday I will go and see the head and let her know I'm going to be out with the camera trying to get shots of them. Don't want another visit from the law do I?

Enjoy your week, come back soon.