Friday, 7 March 2014

Something New

I believe that my photography has come on in the last year or two, I'm not at the stage where I want to be just yet, there are still things that I need to learn.

With this in mind I have been looking at either changing the way I post my pictures, changing the blog or incorporating a gallery. I do have issues with the blog, which I've voiced before, but on the whole it serves a purpose, which is recording where, when and how I've got my pictures, usually in the format of a story with pics.

Therefore I have decided to trial gallery websites. One that I have often heard of is Smug Mug. I am currently trialing it and have attached a link to it in my links, (Brians Gallery). The pictures are not necessarily ones that will end up in there if I take it up, I merely wanted to upload a good number to see how it sits. I would also envisage having more galleries in it when I have insects or landscapes, for instance, to show.

I would be grateful if you would all take a look and see what you think, I have identified one problem myself so far and that is that there doesn't appear to be a way of returning back to the blog direct from the gallery once you've finished having a look, I am sure that there probably is, it's just that I haven't worked it out yet. The template I am using is one of many and I quite like it but that too is not set in stone.

If you have any strong views please let me know, if no-one comments then I will presume it's okay. Thank you for your anticipated assistance.