Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nothing new

I haven't got anything to post at this time, I went to slimbridge to try and get the egret that had been seen, no joy. I took 200 plus shots whilst I was there, mainly of Rook and Jackdaw. I deleted all of them on my return home. Didn't like a one of them.

The forest is coming alive, there is green sprouting everywhere and it's looking lovely. I have heard Chiffchaff singing which I always like.

My mood has been up and down, I have been lifted by an offer on my house so my dream of buying a motor home and travelling the length and breadth of Britain is possibly a step nearer. However the fact that it will be a closure of probably the saddest period of my life has not past by without a few tears being shed. In the time that I have lived in the forest I have married and divorced a beautiful lady who thankfully is still a close friend. The marriage breakdown was my fault. I often hear people say "if I could put back time" well believe me if that was possible I'd be the first in the queue, whatever the cost.
I have lost my dad to Cancer, god rest his soul. It was my dad who instilled in me a love of Nature, Dad was a keen fisherman and was always trying to impress on us the need to look after what we saw, he disliked the fact that I collected birds eggs.
I have also seen a deterioration in my health which led to my leaving the Police after 18 plus yrs.

On the plus side, I have seen Boar for the first time in my life, many species of birds including Redstart, Brambling, Hawfinch, Pied and Spotted flycatcher. Adders in numbers I'd not seen. Deer in numbers I'd not seen. and I have met a few lovely people along the way.

I hope that before I do up and leave the remainder of my time here is filled with perfect pics of all of the above and anything else the forest can throw at me.

Hopefully more to post next time, thanks for bearing with me.