Monday, 14 October 2013

More Fungi.

This is my fourth attempt at doing the Blog today the others have all failed on me. I am slightly miffed to say the least.

I cannot be bothered writing the speil I had so I'm just going to post some pictures.

Amethyst Deceiver ( Laccaria amethystina)

Bolete (Boletus radicans)

Conifer Blueing Bracket ( Pastia Caesia)

Brown Birch Bolete ( Leccinum scabrum )

Dog Stinkhorn ( Mutinus caninus )

Egghead Mottlegill ( Panaeolus semiovatus, var; phalaenarum )

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscara )

Magpie Inkcap ( Coprinopsis picacea)

Milk white Brittlegill ( Russula delica )
Spiny Puffball (Lycoperdon echinatum)

Spring Brittlestem ( Psathyrella spadiceogrisea )

Stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus )

Stinkhorn ( Phallus Impudicus )

Yellow Stagshorn ( Calocera vicosa)

Wrinkled Club ( Clavulina rugosa )

Sulpher Tuft ( Hypholoma fasciculare )

Stump Puffballs (Lycoperdon pyriforme )