Saturday, 3 April 2010

Snatched opportunities.

After the recent spell of dry weather we are well and truly suffering now as we move into April and the historical April showers.

So its been a period of snatched chances, I will start with my garden. The Woodpigeons that visited my garden in numbers are now gathering twigs for nests, the trees at the back of my garden have seen large numbers sitting in the branches.

In the forest there were the usual Nuthatches, I am well aware that I post a lot of shots of Nuthatches on this blog, but in all honesty I think they are a beautiful bird.

Ditto with the Robin.

A trip out to look for Hawfinch didn't produce any so instead I had to satisfy myself with this Squirrel.

A cheeky little chappie.

The Great Crested Grebes are starting to nest build and at this time of year you are likely to see them doing their dancing rituals, Unfortunately I didnt, the weather only allowed for this shot.

The Grebes are having to compete for nest sites with the Moorhen,

and the Coots. I read in one of the nature magazines that Coots are notorious for smashing eggs on the nests of nearby competitors, I guess its a food supply issue, they have to ensure they have enough for their chicks. I hope the Grebes don't nest too close to the Coots.

You can see from it's low down position that this one is chasing off another, they fair power through the water and then raise up and run along the top chasing off the other birds that have wandered too close to their territory.
I'll finish off back in my garden. There have been up to four Goldfinches in my garden at any one time this week. They truly are a colourful little bird. Very pretty.

Easter weekend has been a washout so far, I feel for anyone who books a weekend away and gets weather like this. Lets hope that the weather picks up, The Met office are predicting a Barbecue summer, didnt they do something similar last year? I wont hold my breath.
My female Blackcap has not been around for a few days, she must have found a mate, good luck to her in raising a family this year.
The mornings are full of birdsong now, Its a pleasure to wake up and open the window for a listen. Chiffchaffs are often singing nearby and I'm hoping they may visit the garden which has lots of long grass and bushes for them to find insects.