Thursday, 26 December 2013

Grab what you can when you can.

It's been hit and miss with the weather. I spent a few hours driving around looking for Redwings and Fieldfares the other day. Had a mixed bag of stuff, nothing stunning.

First off were a pair of cock Pheasants which looked like they were going to scrap, they didn't though, just a lot of posturing.

I went to a spot I know to try and tie down the Fieldfares and hit lucky although they were not as close as I would have liked.

So I decided a trip back may be in order. I went back twice more and managed a few more.

Whilst there I also got a Redwing.

But the star of the visit was a Jay, it was digging up acorns, scoffing a few but re-burying most.

I'm intending to go back asap and set up my hide, see if I can get everything that little bit closer.

One shot to finish with was sunset the other evening, I quite like this.

You've got to love Nature. Merry xmas.