Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hard drive saved.

No pictures this time, I've done no photography for weeks. However I have solved the hard drive problem. Another of those nice geeky men at PC World/Currys told me that the problem was more than likely to be that my hard drive chassis was damaged. He suggested a trip to Maplins as they had none in stock. 20 mins and 30 pounds later I was on my way home with fingers crossed on both hands, not easy driving that way I tell ya.

I duly un screwed the hard drive and popped it into the chassis and boom, there you go, all the pictures were there. However this computer is still playing me up so I am still in the market for a new one. I've had to have my brakes done on the car this month so it may be next month. But I have been looking.

You're not missing anything but drop by occasionally and check to see if I have posted. Dont give up on me, I hope to get my mojo back soon.