Thursday, 24 September 2009

Still No Baby....

I'm fed up of waiting for this Grand child of mine. It seems like it never intends to arrive. I have had some good news though, I have had my Motorhome repaired.

Someone else has had some good news too, I'm thinking of starting a new blog just to announce his successes. Dave Slater has won yet another award, He won the Wildlife Behaviour section in this years Wildlife Photography awards.

Yet another well done and congratulations to Dave. Come on the rest of you catch up.

Back to me, I had to wait in the forest for my van, My son kindly allowed me use of his car so I spent the day floating around checking out the bits of the forest that I like so much.

Although the weather wasn't brilliant I did get these nice shots of two hard to get birds, Hope you like them.

Front on they are just so plain aren't they?

Yet from behind or side on they show the amazing colours that make up their true selves.

Blacks, whites, blues, greens, purples. Just beautiful.

Then again this little character has it's own appeal. Again lots of lovely colours. How I wished that the forest had the weather that Herefordshire enjoyed. I don't think they are too bad though, do you?

I love the eyes, so alert and wary.

So, another day in the forest and another day spent enjoying myself, I also saw Raven, GSW, Buzzard, Pied Wagtail, Blue, Great and Coal tits, Squirrels, Chaffinch, and Stock Dove. I have not yet processed pictures of some of them, maybe more to follow.
Maybe a baby in the next 24hrs......who knows??

Monday, 21 September 2009

Still no baby, but badgers.

No baby yet, ten days and counting.

Whilst Chris G was away in Devon I fed the badgers. I decided to try and improve on the last efforts.

I've decided it's not as easy as I first thought, although Chris has done great things getting the badgers to accept movement and lights, but trying to get them in focus and in the frame is not easy, I am pretty pleased with my efforts but still not there completely. I must keep trying.

I spent quite a few hours and over the course of the two nights I took about 50 shots, as I said, I still feel theres room for improvement.