Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Canon Day.

I am deliberately slow with this post as I've been waiting until Chris G and I had our day out at the invitation of Canon CPS+. Chris kindly invited me to partner him to a day's workshop with Canon at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey.

Over 340 miles driven on the day and a very long day, but all in all I am still extremely pleased to have attended with Chris. The day could have been slightly better weather wise although we didn't get it half as bad as some of the country. We had wind, we had a tad of rain but we also had some nice periods of sun which made for some ace photography opportunities. The talks by Danny Green and Mark Sissons were both informative and thought provoking, interesting to see similarities between the two but also enough different ideas and approach to keep the interest levels up. It was also nice to see the new kit that Canon have brought out recently and although I didn't try any of it myself there were enough people who did to get a reasonably balanced opinion on things like the 200-400 lens. It appears to have been well received by most.

The photography was good, I think it could perhaps have been better, with a little more cooperation from the animals and birds themselves, but the most obliging were, by far, the two otters we got to photograph up close and personal. A pity that at the time we were with them the weather wasn't the best so very challenging, wet animals grey skies and a lot of movement. Those things do not like being still for the camera :-)

I have only just finished uploading the 550 plus images I took and have quickly grabbed a few examples to show you, I don't doubt they aren't the best from the day but they are ok.

They are, Barn Owl, Eagle Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, Otter, Fox, and Scottish Wild Cat. 

As I said, a very interesting and entertaining day. In a day or two I will be adding other, hopefully better,  shots to my Smugmug gallery so please have a look.