Friday, 10 April 2009

Elan Valley

Andy C and I decided to take a trip up the Elan Valley this week. The weather didn't look too bad and apart from a shower of approximately 30 mins it wasn't.

Surprisingly there weren't too many birds about (by Elan standards), but of those that were I managed to get a few shots.

This male Reed bunting was one of a few flitting around near the top of one of the dams. Not where you'd expect to find them normally.

There were a few sightings of Wheatear, but this was the only shot i got and its a record shot really as it was quite a distance away.

Of course, one of the star attractions to the Elan Valley are the Red Kite. This was sitting on a plucking spot. You can see the feathers or fluff of some of its prey around it's feet.

again the shot was taken from some distance.

There were other birds sighted but not photographed including, Swallow (my first of the year), Peregrine, Meadow Pipit, and Raven. Although the photo opportunities weren't as great as hoped the Elan valley never fails to inspire. It is a beautiful place.

Back nearer to home a trip around the lanes of south Herefordshire was undertaken. It never fails to amaze me what can be seen from the road side.
This long tailed tit was seen at Backney bridge.

It is a beautiful little bird. As is normal at this time of year this one was flitting around on it's own, obviously looking for a mate or a nesting site.

I also took a trip up to Anglesey in North Wales, I went fishing with my brother Alan. I didn't get the camera out as the fishing was surprisingly hectic, not something you can normally say for Llyn Alaw. I did however see my first Sand Martins of the year. A local chap told me they breed and nest nearby.

So, quite a busy spell since my last post. I hope the weather improves as it's not forecast to be too good for the next few days.