Thursday, 28 June 2012

I can't stand the rain.

On my window pane...! The words of the song truly summing up my feelings this week. I said in the last post how it was a case of grabbing what few chances I had. That continued this last week.

On Tuesday I got soaked to the skin because according to the weather forecast it was supposed to be grey and dry for Herefordshire, so I went to Haugh woods to see if the Pearl Bordered Frittillery were still out and about and having walked from my car the half mile or so to the spot I was stranded when the skys suddenly changed from blue and grey to completely grey and the skies opened. It poured down, I tried to shelter under a tree to keep dry and for about 30 minutes or so I was quite successful, but then the sheer weight of the rain meant that the branches and leaves gave up the fight and I was getting constantly dripped on.
 Having covered my lens and flash with dog poop bags and put the whole ensemble under my tee shirt I set off back to the car, unfortunately I had to keep resting because of back pain so I was drenched by the time I got back and in absolute agony. I had a change of tee shirt and socks in the car so I was partly dry during the drive home. Bugger me though by the time I had gotten home, showered and changed the sun was out. Typical.

I only managed a shot or two of this Orchid. A common spotted I believe.

When the weather has been kind I've done quite a few bits and bobs, concentrating mainly on small stuff. I find it is more productive. I have done some bird stuff though but nothing sexy. I did catch a sparrow feeding a chick.

House Sparrows of course.

Small stuff wise I have had some great results,

A Dark bush Cricket I believe.

Some cracking Damselfly shots. I believe the first is a Blue Tailed Damselfly and the second a Large Red Damselfly.

This is a White Legged Damselfly I believe.

I also got a real surprise on the hoof as it were, I was driving along a back road making my way to a pond on the outskirts of Ross on Wye when as I passed a roadside disused pond, I saw a dragonfly flying over it so I pulled in and watched and then went to a nearby house to try and get permission to go on the land off the road. I did get such permission. Can you tell me what it is from this first picture? sorry its a bit backlit but I could only get to one side of the pond.

I'll come back to it in a second.

I got some butterflies this week too.
Small Tortoiseshell.

Large Skipper,

and a bit of a scabby Speckled Wood.

I also saw my first Meadow Brown of the year this week whilst out with the dog but no camera.
Back to the Dragonfly, did you get it from the first pic? I'd be amazed if you did, but there is a clue in that picture.

Yes it's an Emperor Dragonfly and the clue was the yellow at the front edge of the wings.

My brother, Alan, has been at it again with his camera in his garden and he has sent me the two following shots. The first is of a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker at his water bowl, although it looks more interested in what's behind the glass.

The second is a Jay also possibly a juvenile picking up peanuts below the feeder.

I am impressed with his efforts and have encouraged him to make his garden more bird friendly and it is paying dividends for him with two species that he wouldn't normally get.

Finally I would like some help with identifying the following. I have absolutely no idea what it is.

Hope the weather improves as I am loving photography at the moment. Click on images for larger versions.