Friday, 7 December 2012

Beast from the East

A week of changeable weather has left me grabbing chances when I got them. I am not disappointed with the results.
The FS is going from strength to strength,

Chaffinch, tick!

Greenfinch, tick!

Jay, tick!

GSW, tick!

as well as Blackbird, tick!

away from the feeder station I still haven't managed to see Waxwings or Short Eared Owls, but a trip to the shorties produced half decent shots of a Heron and a Stonechat.

I have read today that we can expect the next month to be cold, frosty, and possibly snowy as a blast of cold air comes from Siberia. I can live with that as long as its dry and clear. My hide is currently surrounded by 3 inches of water so I'll be happy with dry and cold. The number of birds visiting is increasing every week. I was so chuffed with the GSW, it came in the most beautiful light. I still can't get the Fieldfares, they are just so tetchy. I will keep trying so keep coming back for a look.