Friday, 25 December 2009

Stuck on You.

The weather outside was awful from saturday the 18th, I struggled to get my car off the car park (which is sloped and I'm at the bottom) on Sat and Sun, but since then its been impossible. I have enjoyed watching neighbours trying to move theirs and failing. So much for council tax payments benefitting us, there was no refuse collection either.

Heavy frost and ice made it impossible, some snow didn't help. Thankfully I have dear friends who assisted in getting me to Morrisons to do my shopping.

The weather has meant that the only birdlife I've seen is that which has been visiting my feeders, all the usual suspects and a pair of Long tailed tits.

Beautiful birds, I do truly love them.

The only other shots were arty farty ones that I got looking over Ross on Wye from my rear door, I've had a bit of a play with them and like these here.

A complete thaw this morning means that I can now get out. So hopefully something a little more interesting next time, Hope you all had a very nice xmas.