Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hurry up and wait.

Hurry up and wait was a term we used to use in the army all the time. It invariably meant a period of intense activity followed by a long wait.
Well this last few weeks have been a bit like that, I've been wishing for Spring to hurry up and arrive, and it is, I have a Blackbirds nest in my garden and the Blue tits seem to be in and out of my nest box quite a bit. But I'm not able to do anything with it as I've had to wait for bits of kit to be repaired.
I've had both my 600mm lens and my 5D mk 3 in for work.

I was having problems with the 600 lens, the tripod leg collar would not rotate around the lens 360 degrees. Apparently the bearings were shot and there was grit in the collar. That was fixed and the lens returned to me on Tues this week (24th).  The camera, has been an issue since I bought it. I was never truly happy with it, I did not think that the auto focus was as good as it should be and I believed there was too much noise/graining at low ISO's. It has worked intermittently, clearly, or else I would not have any shots to put on here or on the Smugmug galleries. I visited Clifton Cameras in Dursley after a visit to Slimbridge with Mike and Chris, The chap there could not see any issues but I asked him if it could be sent off anyways for a check. He suggested it would be a good idea just to give me peace of mind. If there was nothing wrong it would prove it unquestionably. There are issues with it and hopefully I should have it back next week. However for both lots of work I'm now over £400 lighter in the pocket.

The day at Slimbridge that I referred to with Chris and Mike was a bit of a let down. The weather was not great and most of the migrants have left. However it was a day out so that's not all bad. I have also spent a day with Chris and Mike this week at the Photography show at the NEC in Birmingham. Wow, if only I was a lottery winner or had a rich sugar mummy. There was some fabulous kit on show. I think Chris and Mike enjoyed it more than me though, they both have an interest in Studio type photography and a lot of the show is geared for just that, but there was enough to keep me interested. That said, I'm not sure there was enough to make me want to go again next year.

The only photos I have to show you are ones that I got on my last visit to the Forest.

I'm looking forward to getting everything back and getting out there and doing some summer migrants. Don't you just love Spring?