Sunday, 5 May 2013

Butterflies and others

It's going to be a scorcher, how will we cope? Bank Holiday and as usual it hasn't lived up to the hype, not up here anyway.
I had plans to go to Moore Nature Reserve this morning so set the alarm for early o'clock. Could tell as soon as I opened my eyes that it wasn't what I hoped so reset alarm for 8am and head back down. It did get nice by about 1pm but by then I was helping my bro take stuff to the tip.
However this evening I was out in the car driving around the country lanes seeing what was about. Amazingly I saw a Brown Hare, haven't seen one for well over 12 months and couldn't believe as I drove past a field gate there it was sitting bold as brass just the other side. Unfortunately by the time I had found a place to turn round it had moved a fair way away. I had to drive around the other end of the field but that was against the sun. So cropped record shots were the best I could manage.

Fabulous to watch it though.

I've walked miles this week, both alone with the camera and with the dog, she's starting to slow down bless her but she never baulks at the offer of a walk, normally I can find a few nests during the walks, this year though its been different. I've found lots more, Blackbirds, Song thrush, GSW, Dunnock, Chiffchaff, Blue tits, Wood pigeon. I have even got Great tits nesting in the garden. But there are some notable ones missing. Long tailed tits. I can usually be guaranteed to find two or three LTT nests but unless they are later than usual there is a definate lack in the number. I've seen fewer as well, perhaps they suffered in the winter months this time.

I watched two Chiffchaffs taking nest material to their nest, back and forth, back and forth. You really do have to admire their efforts. I managed to catch them as they left the nest area.

I have heard and seen lots of these this year. Likewise Blackcaps, still to get one in the frame long enough to get a shot though.

The butterflies have proved challenging, but I have succeeded in getting my best Orange-tip shots this year, I still want better though.

I have managed Small tortoiseshell and Small white too.

I have also chanced across a couple of other creepy crawlies.

Green Shield Bug.

Lesser House fly.

and a Western Honey Bee, I think.

I had a bit of fun just recently with the 600mm lens, I saw a Rainbow and got a shot of it.

I also got a horse, with the macro lens.

and the last two, both with the 600mm

I sent the moorhen shot to Birdguides with the caption; "Mam, are you sure I'm a Moorhen, this water's freezing" Last time I looked it hadn't got so much as a titter. It may just be me but I can imagine the moorhen chick pulling up his feathers as he said it.

Better weather to come? Let's hope so.