Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Summer at last??

A few lovely days weather and don't things feel different? Is summer finally here? Fingers crossed.

I've been out and about a little and got a few shots. The Red legged Partridge has become a challenge for me. I think it's an odd bird but in it's own way it's very beautiful.

This example was trotting around the roads in the area of Kings Caple.

Another bird that i'd love to get decent pictures of is the Yellowhammer.

This one was on the road side in Homme green near Ross, More of a record shot this one.

Back in the Forest the birds are feeding chicks like crazy.

The Redstarts and the Pied Flycatchers in particular.

I think i've said before that i love this time of year and it's true I do.

Another check on my local Little Owls produced some very distant shots, these are heavily cropped and again record shots really.

Hope they have managed to breed and have chicks, i haven't risked getting too close, I'd hate to be the cause of them deserting chicks.

On a different note, it looks like the Boar in the forest are to be culled. The recent article in the Forest review regarding a man being "bitten", continues to show the stance that the paper has adopted. My earlier prophecy, that the mindless and ill thought actions of humans wouldn't help would seem to have proved right, a child "Poked" the boar with a stick. Enough said.