Monday, 18 March 2013

Put a hold on spring will you.

The snow has materialised in some parts of the country, but as yet we've seen none in the village. However, grey skies have prevailed so photography has taken a back seat.

I have found the first nest of the year, a Blackbirds. Sitting on eggs too. I thought that it was early but a check of my books showed it isnt. I hope the weather improves before the eggs hatch. I'm surprised there is enough food around.

Right, photos, what have I got to show you? Not a great deal unfortunately. A couple of trips to the pit at Christleton have produced the usual suspects. Not very thrilling I know but here they are.


I have to confess that the middle pic was taken by my brother, Alan, using my kit. I processed it along with mine hence the water mark.


and Mallard:

There are a shed loads of Black Headed Gulls, so I spent a little while on them.

and finally a Dunnock searching through the undergrowth.

Lets hope for a better week ahead.