Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Last week I spent a number of days in and around the Elan Valley. Its a favourite place of mine especially early in the morning. I love the fact that if you get there early enough you're very unlikely to see another vehicle for hours. But you will see lots of wildlife.

This Buzzard was one of many that I saw during the week, I know he's backlit, but I couldn't get to the other side of him. I love the way he has his tail spread and appears to be warming himself up.

This is a different bird in a different location, but no less lovely to see.
I would rather have had this Swallow sitting somewhere other than on the wire of the fence but beggars can't be choosers.

Meadow Pipits were everywhere and with some care you can get close, again not an ideal perches but.....

This one was collecting nesting material.

Curlews were slightly harder to get close too, this is a good crop.

But my favourite birds of the week were Whinchats. They seem to be in high numbers this year, I'm pleased, they are a real beauty.

I'll post a few other things from Powys next time, I know I've promised you more Redstart and Flycatcher. Make sure you come back soon.