Friday, 1 March 2013

A Mixed bag

A few random shots that haven't made my recent posts, and some Squirrel shots from this week.

This one is of the incoming tide at Thurstaston the other week, I quite liked it. 

This one was taken at Moore on the 18th Feb, I didn't spot it immediately when I took it but the Goose in the foreground is a Sub species of the Canada Goose, Much smaller and darker than the one behind.

I know that squirrels are pests, we've been there before but I still maintain they are very cute.

Final shot is of another big bird this one was low flying over Moore NR. A Pakistan International plane which hopefully my mate Glenn Bailes will identify for me and comment on here.

Finally, during my travels this week I bumped into a chap by the name of Steve Dolan. Steve is a Cheshire photographer who regularly contributes to Birdguides. I have often commented on his work. Steve has kindly offered to swap links and I will add his over the next day or two, but if you want to check out his work in the interim you can visit his website here: or have a look at some of his recent Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers on BG.

Thanks for looking.