Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Fancy

You will all be aware that I have been feeding the birds at New Fancy since Nov. I've been amazed at the number of people who have been there watching or photographing the birds.

The main attraction has been the Hawfinch, There have been two on occasions but largely it has been one, a female.
I know people have often travelled some distance to see the birds.
Personally my favourites are the Brambling, I love the differing colours.

I have met some very nice people up there, yesterday was no exception, I met Jenni, we chatted for some time about the birds. Jenni kindly offered some money towards the food costs, I tried to decline it but she insisted. It was what she said that pleased me the most, she said that she enjoyed being up there and appreciated my efforts. That summed up what the feeder station has become for me. It's a small effort but it is great knowing that it is appreciated. It brings joy and that, in this day and age, can't be bad.
It would be nice if the Forestry Commission could do something similar, using some of the car parking fees at Mallards Pike and other spots to fund it, or maybe even sponsorship from local businesses involved in the Forest.
Just an idea.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Little Grebe- missed chances.

I spent two or three hours this week taking pictures of the lovely Little Grebe. I have shown a couple of pics on here earlier. However what I desperately wanted to do was catch the moment when this bird dives under the water.
However it turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Here are my efforts.

No missed it that time.

and again,

and again, but perhaps this time.

My best effort, looks like a hairy "Jaws" coming towards me doesn't it?

So I changed my attention to something a lot easier and more delicate.
I loved this, and spent a little time watching it float around.
Not the best effort photographically, but it isn't all about "the shot" its about appreciating the beauty that is around us.

I'll keep trying with the diving shots.