Sunday, 30 October 2011

Small is beautiful.

Not a lot of photography since my last post. I only managed to do a bit of macro stuff. That doesn't mean that I haven't been out and about. I have seen some nice stuff. I saw a pair of Jays in the field near my house, both were looking splendid in their winter plumage. I had a sparrowhawk come down into my garden a few days ago it was a female and she's visited a few times recently, presumably after the numerous House Sparrows that are frequenting my garden feeders at this time. The Sparrowhawk landed on my decking and stood for about 30 seconds or so, it wasn't until I moved, trying to get to my camera some 10 feet away that  she flew off. The Nuthatches are still visiting the feeders too.

Belmont pools have been providing me with some interesting views of the small and beautiful referred to in the title of this post. On one walk with Roxy I counted six different colour variations of Harlequinn Ladybird. Unfortunately when I had the opportunity with the camera I could only find three.

Also present was a large number of Larvae and pupa.

I'd never seen the larvae before, they are so completely prehistoric looking aren't they?

There were also a couple of Spiders, I recognise the first as a Garden Spider, but have not identified the second as yet.

I also found this snail in my garden, I quite like this different shot of it.

So all in all not a lot to report but I live in hope. Its also getting very near to Slimbridge time of year so a trip there can't be far away. Check out Brian Williams cracking shots of Water Vole from there on his blog (in my links).

Also if you want to see some cracking shots of stuff local to the Forest of Dean don't forget to check Bob Bushell's Blog, also in my links.

Come back again soon.