Wednesday, 30 September 2009

In danger of becoming a twitcher

Since I've been up here at my mums there have been two Long billed Dowitchers at Inner Marsh farm RSPB reserve which is about 10 miles from her house.

The weather though has been rather pants, so I've not been over to see it, but today my mum wanted me out of the house for a while so I decided to pop over there and have a look see.

Inner marsh farm overlooks a number of scrapes and has one hide at present. However the RSPB have purchased Burton mere close by and have intentions to build a visitor reception hide and some other hides or screens and create a few more scrapes. I'm not sure how long this will take but I look forward to it happening.

The Dowitchers were, as is always the case, over the far side of the scrape infront of the hide. Too far for anything other than these Record shots. Also present however were Golden Plover, Curlew Sandpiper, Lapwing, Redhank, B.T Godwits, Little Egrets, Ruff, and Teal. A hen harrier had been photographed earlier in the day and a chap called Steven Round kindly showed me shots of it he'd taken. I'd heard of Steven before, he contributes to Birdguides and some other sites. It was a pleasure to meet him. Check out his website at well worth a look.

The weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow, it was pants today, so I'm off back there for another look.

Here's two record shots.

Nothing more than that I'm afraid, but hopefully more to follow.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

More from the forest.

You'll remember I spent two days in the forest this last week, monday and wednesday. I chased around looking at all my favourite spots. I saw quite a lot of things, some big some small.

Start with Dor beetles (Geotrupes stercorarius). A dung beetle. I saw literally hundreds of these in the woods near Soudley. It was quite spooky actually seeing so many black critters all over the forest floor. This first picture is a very close up photo of a group of them doing what they do, I have used this blurred one cos the in focus one was more disgusting. There must have been thirty in this small pile of excrement. I have researched the internet and this beetle is often referred as the tor beetle too. I believe it is one and the same but the internet can often be very confusing. I think I got this right.

At this time of the year there are hundreds of these squirrels scurrying around burying their nuts.

A secretive visitor to the arboretum. The Stock dove.

This was the biggest bird I saw was the Raven. There were two of them around the arboretum.

A lot smaller but no less welcome were these tits, firstly the Coal tit.

and secondly the Blue tit.

I miss the forest, especially at this time of the year.

And finally.....!

The little one has arrived. My lovely first grandson, Kenzie James Lambe.

My daughter has told me I'm only allowed to put one Pic on here so I didn't want to spoil it with me in it so here he is.

9lbs 12oz of pure gorgeousness. I am so proud of my daughter and future son in law, they should make great parents.
No pictures this time, but I'm up at my mums at the mo so if the weather is nice tomorrow I will be out looking for the Long billed Dowitcher thats been given nearby. Fingers crossed.