Sunday, 3 July 2011

Computer is Kaput

I had got some shots that I wanted to bring you today but the computer is causing me horrendous problems. It wont transfer half of my pictures from the camera, it wont let me open pictures in EOS to change them into TIFS, so I can only advise you that a new comp is on the cards for the end of this month. So be patient and come back in a few weeks time.

I've had some lovely sightings too, Grass snake, Wood mouse, Barn Owl just to name a few. Work is still curtailing my photography though so whilst I have some I have actually done very little. Its a good job there are others out there doing some good stuff. Both the Bob's are still producing stuff, Brian W has given us some good stuff from Scotland but Mike Smith, who still hasn't done a website or blog, has produced some cracking Little Owl shots which he has posted on Birdguides ( Michael, I said it on BG and I'll say it again I am truly envious of your Little Owl images, but I know that it is only a result of your hard work and perseverence, well done mate. Hope we can get another trip to Norfolk or maybe Scotland in soon.

So a new comp will be mine at the end of the month and then I promise I will do a catch up.