Thursday, 20 January 2011

A belated start to 2011

So, over half way through January and I finally managed to get out and do some photography. Not for the want of trying, I've actually been out 3 days on the trot but failed to get the camera out on two of the occasions. I have seen lots of birds though and have made a good start to my 2011 list.

A very cold morning this morning at Broomhill Flash in the Dearne Valley produced just one or two opportunities for a few distant birds. Only the coot and Wigeon came close enough to get anywhere near full frame shots.


The coot.

A Pied Wagtail came and landed infront of the hide, but typically with this bird he wasnt standing still for very long.

The stars of the day were a Green Sandpiper and three Goldeneye, the Sandpiper came the closest, but this is still a large crop.

The Goldeneye stayed well away from the hide and this is really nothing more than a record shot.

I sat in the hide, freezing me goolies off for over 2hrs hoping and praying that they would skirt the front of the hide like the Wigeon, Coots and Mallards were doing but it wasnt to be. Still I thoroughly enjoyed the time, they really are beautiful bird.

Not a bad start for the year.