Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back in the Shire.

The move back to Herefordshire has been completed and I have quickly settled in to getting out and about with the camera. The new camera I hasten to add. Canon, of course, 5D mk 3. What a beauty it is. I haven't quite worked out all of its settings yet, nor have I tried video but I have a good working knowledge. I am impressed with the noise reduction at high ISO. I am mega impressed with the extra pixels. So much more detail in my shots than before.


and another:

A shield bug or two.

and a few other creepy crawlies.

A flesh fly and a Deraeocoris Ruber.

Also a few butterflies, starting with these lovely shots of a marbled white.

also a rather smart Painted Lady.

and a Small Copper.

Not a bad collection I hope you would agree. Come back soon and click on the pics for a larger image.