Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sunshine at last!!

So finally a bit of good weather and the opportunity to make the most of it. It wasn't wasted.
Trips to the Forest were very productive.

A trip to the Elan Valley was also great. I was up there at 7am and some of the views were amazing.

Didn't see any Merlin, or many raptors for that matter, just a Buzzard and a few Kite, didn't see Wheatear yet, and if I'm honest didn't expect too. Did see Meadow Pipits though.

Then having done a quick trip to Gilfach to look for dipper,

successfully, it was off to Gigrin for more practice on the Kite and Co, the Rooks came pretty close.

Back nearer to home some Pheasants proved to be interesting.

I have decided to go with Smugmug for my gallery page. I have added some shots too it, and removed some others over the last 24 hrs so please have a look. It's to the right in my links.

I want to once again thank Chris G, for his help with some technical stuff relating to the gallery and Lightroom, I know it's not easy for you mate guiding me through it, but with your help I am able to save myself a lot of time and effort and we both know that left alone I'd have just continued to struggle with the long winded way. I very much appreciate your help. Also with the advice re the lenses etc.

Looking forward to a warm spring, come back soon.