Friday, 13 July 2012

Ok, Enough is Enough.

Still the weather continues to play havoc across the country, photographers everywhere have been leaving their kit under the stairs and sitting in their lounges looking longingly out of their patio windows, or is that just me?

I have managed two brief periods of photography this week which have resulted in trying to scrape some interesting stuff together. I have concentrated on butterflies and insects, I am still of the opinion that there are not as many butterflies this year, I have seen only a few, mostly Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Skippers.

I have managed a few nice shots to share with you, firstly Skippers.

Small Skippers.

and Large Skipper.

also a few others, this Comma for a start.

and a Green Veined White,

also a Burnet Moth or two, five spotted.

The insect that I saw that I want to show you is one that I have never knowingly seen before, its called Strangalia Maculata, initially I thought it must be the Wasp Beetle but the colouring was the wrong way round too much yellow and not enough black for the Wasp Beetle, Its a weird thing though isn't it?

The only birds I saw to photograph, when the sun was hiding behind the clouds were a few House Martins collecting mud.

So not a lot to show you but better than nothing, keeping my fingers crossed for a change in the weather soon.