Saturday, 16 February 2013

Small, Medium and Large Birds.

Not a great deal of photography done this week, but what I have done I've enjoyed, largely because the weather has not only been brighter but several degrees warmer.

The best few hours was spent at Burton Mere Wetlands RSPB Reserve. I managed to get the best shot of a Brambling I've had since I left the Forest of Dean, and added it to my yearly list. But what was even nicer was that I could sit down to do it and I got to chat to quite a few people who had no idea what they were looking for and who were delighted to see it when we did. I hope the RSPB's membership increased on that day. I also got another bird that I have not photographed out of the FOD, the Siskin.

I have started to dismantle the feeder station, I spent some time up there midweek and hardly anything was coming down, I don't know if it's a case of Sparrowhawk scare. I am going to do it slowly over a period of 2 -3 weeks. I have 4 seed feeders, 2 peanut feeders, a nyger feeder, A fat-ball feeder and 5 ground feeders (cut tree trunks) so I will remove one thing every few days. Weather permitting of course, if there is a change back to snow/frost I will delay it.

So lets see some shots, starting with Brambling,

and the Siskin,

and a rather sweet shot of a Goldfinch.

That covers the small birds. The medium is in the form of the following;

Yes a Jackdaw, one of four that were scratting around for tidbits under the seed feeders. They were'nt alone, the rats were present as always.

I also went to Frodsham Marsh today for the first time, and although I never took the lens out of the bag I did add Goldeneye and Common Sandpiper to the yearly list. Frodsham Marsh is an area between the market town of Frodsham and the site of Shell UK at Stanlow.It has often been the site of some great stuff but not today, not for me any way. Although I didn't cover it all by any means.

The big birds are two slightly different things, Both seen flying over the village this week.

A Royal Navy Sea king Helicopter.

Another Big Beluga Aircraft, I think I may have posted one before with its Airbus markings on it, but this one was bare. You can't really get the size of this thing from the photo but trust me its huge and slow.

It conveys parts of other aircraft to what was, and may still be, the Hawker Sidley site at Hawarden.

Since I started this post some 20 to 30 minutes ago I have been advised that there is more snow forecast over the next week or so. I really hope not. I want it to be Spring, Daffs are up, Snow drops are in flower and even some Crocus have started to flower in the village, surely that means it's Spring!!!!!

Come back soon won't you.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Damn the weather.

High winds, lots of rain and a tree at the end of the garden have kept photography to a minimum since my last post.

A trip to the Dee Estuary produced my first ever up close shots of a Knot, a really obliging bird that was rooting around for grub.

At the Feeder station the usual suspects were out in force A few grabbed shots there.

Away from the feeder station I have not done a lot, however her's a shot I took whilst out looking for fungi a while ago, I know it is a marmite shot but I quite like it.

I wanted to catch the fog.

I have purchased a temporary car, A skoda Fabia, it should prove more economical than the Lexus.

Come back soon when hopefully the weather will have improved.