Sunday, 14 August 2011

Help needed to prevent major disaster.

I have a huge problem, apart from the fact that I'm fat and ugly. Seriously, I have saved all my images over the last 3-4yrs to an external hard drive. I have somewhere in the region of 10k images on it. However when i tried to use it recently after a request from Dave Slater it wont work.

I have tried to use it on two seperate computers with no joy. I am not very computer legitimate, as any of you who know me will agree, but I did ask a very nice Geeky man at PC World who told me that I needed to do. control panel, administrative tools, disc management, locate external hard drive, and repair. However when I get to the locate external hard drive bit and click on that it says "disc not ready" or "drive not ready". I know that I've done nothing so far that can harm the drive as the nice man told me in no uncertain terms not to click on anything other than repair, and I havent got to that bit yet.

Can any of you out there help? I know I have not got many great pictures but thats not the point. to lose the record of my efforts over the last 3-4 yrs would be devastating ( I know I always said different chris but I never expected it to happen).

I would willingly post the hard drive to you if you are expert enough to repair it for me or do any of you know somewhere where I can take it to get it repaired?

Please help if you can, get back to me on 07794 562074 or my email address

Thank you.

Oh and by the way the purchase of a new bed meant that I didnt get the new computer yet so be patient with me.