Saturday, 13 June 2009

Red and Black.

Earlier in the year I went to Frampton to get some shots of a Black necked Grebe. It was a nice bird but it was in rather dull winter plumage. This week I had the opportunity of a trip to Cheshire with Chris G to photograph them in summer plumage. I say them because there were at least 5 birds present.
A slightly later start than planned meant that we didn't arrive until well after 10 am. A quick familiarisation with the location showed three different hides. Two of them were not ideal for photography purposes but the third was and fortunately it was from this hide that we got the best views.

The birds were coming close for a few minutes then moving away again presumably searching for the easiest food. This one has a caddis fly larvae in its mouth.

They are a very pretty bird, bigger than their relative the Little Grebe.

The reserve warden told us that they have returned after a two year absence, but they have not nested or produced eggs.

On a different part of the reserve we were treated to something I've never experienced before. Close up shots of a young fox. Not this years cub by the look of him but last years. This character, although wary of us at first, seemed happy enough to rest near a small pond and allow us to get some excellent shots. Here are three of the many shots I took.

He was a bit shabby, his rear end was clearly not looking too great, I wasn't worried though this is the closest I've been to a wild fox for many a year.

Look at the nashers on him, wouldn't wanna be a bit of his food.

He lay at the side of the pond for quite a while and although aware of our presence he paid us very little heed, I think the heat had gotten to him.
I don't doubt that he was after the rabbits on the reserve, there were many of them.

Beautiful little critters I hope you would agree.

A very enjoyable day. Black necked Grebe, Red Fox and a good old brown rabbit or two.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The road starts here.

Okay, the first stop over was Broadmeadow caravanning and camping site at Ross on Wye. 16 pounds fifty a night inc electric hook up. A very nice site with good facilities.

Two ponds on the site provide some wildlife, but surprisingly for such a large site nothing incredibly unusual. I guess I can expect to see a lot of the following at any site at which I stop.

The common old Woodpigeon.

The Jackdaws were making a racket at 6.00am, I didn't mind I was already up and having breakfast.

The stars of the show however were the Magpies, There were two adults and four young. I noticed that instead of flying in for the bread that I had put out, they would quickly hop across the ground grab a piece and then hop away. Strange behaviour. This first was on the roof of the next caravan.

The second on the ground immediately outside my window. The 300mm lens without any converter was the ideal piece of kit to capture them.

There were also, Blackbird, Thrush and Grey Wagtail skitting in and out of the vans and motorhomes. Mallard, coot and Mute swan-complete with two chicks were around the ponds. Will every site be as pretty as this one?

For those that are interested this is home for the forseeable future. A 4 berth Autocruise star blazer. It's 24 feet long and 7 ft wide. No mortgage, council tax, Tv licence, water rates I think I can handle it.

Hope to keep up to date now that I have internet connection.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

On the road...A new life.

No photos this time just a quick update to apologise for the lack of postings.

I have sold up and am now fulfilling my dream of travelling around the British Isles and then hopefully the rest of Europe.

I have only today sorted internet connection for my travels so have been unable to update. Have not taken any pictures since thurs and not had chance to look at those..

Will update asap.