Tuesday, 9 June 2009

On the road...A new life.

No photos this time just a quick update to apologise for the lack of postings.

I have sold up and am now fulfilling my dream of travelling around the British Isles and then hopefully the rest of Europe.

I have only today sorted internet connection for my travels so have been unable to update. Have not taken any pictures since thurs and not had chance to look at those..

Will update asap.


Dave Slater said...

You promised to say goodbye!!!!!


Brian said...

Best wishes mate. Keep the postings going and paths may cross again.


Rob Ward said...

Hey, good for you mate, if I were in your position I would be doing the same.
Keep posting the pics and stories of your travels and hope to see you when you are back in the area.
Promise to look after your birds at New Fancy.
Take it steady and if you are around the Cornwall area, dive into Heligan.