Thursday, 28 May 2009

A day of differences.

Warm but not so sunny but a huge improvement on yesterday.

An early start and a number of trips to the recycling tip before I could pick up a camera. Met up with Chris Grady and together we partook of the delightful grub at the Gavellers Cafe at the Beechenhurst lodge.
A number of targets were planned but unfortunately we were not too lucky. However a few things did present themselves.

This little squirrel was at the arboretum.

Cheeky little chappie.
I have said before that I don't do plants, but again this isn't a shot that's about the detail, Its a shot about a plant on it's own. In a forest alive with Bluebells this one was on its own. Quite poignant I thought.

This one below is unusual, I can't recall having seen a white Bluebell before, It was in a different location and amongst other Bluebells.

I presume it is a bluebell, I'm no botanist.

Apparently there has been an influx, in large numbers, of Painted lady butterflies. Highest numbers since 1996 I believe. Well in an hour or two this afternoon we certainly saw a very high number of them passing through an area in the forest. Some were taking a break amongst the bluebells and other plants.

A rarity in the forest is the Small Pearl bordered Fritillery, this one was looking mighty fine in the afternoon sun.

As I started by saying a day of differences, not a bird picture to be found. I look forward to a weekend of sunshine and opportunity.

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