Saturday, 8 May 2010

Up Hill and.......Up more hill!

This last week was short on opportunities for photography. Tuesday I spent the day with Chris Grady, we decided to head up to north Herefordshire in search of some reported Dotterell. Thankfully I'm 24lbs lighter in weight nowadays and I was very pleased of the fact as we trudged up hill for what seemed miles.

Not a Dotterell in sight however we did see some great stuff. I saw my first ever Cuckoo up close, I say cuckoo but it was actually cuckoo's, 2 of them to be precise. It was a thrill to see what has become a rarer bird so close. We also saw, Linnet, Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Redstart, Red Kite, Yellowhammer, and Northern Wheatear. I managed a grab shot of the Northern Wheatear.

We also saw a lovely group of Ponies, one of which had a foal. I love these shots of them.

I enjoyed the day on the hills albeit that we didnt do much photography. We also shot off into Shropshire to the Longmynd Hills near Church Stretton after reports of Dotterell being seen and photographed there. We missed out again unfortunately. So my first attempts at Dotterell failed, Chris is getting used to it, he has failed on his last four attempts to get them. Unlucky son.