Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Snow? Who said anything about snow?

I don't doubt that like me many of you were surprised to wake up on monday to the snow. It came as a complete surprise because I'd unusually not looked at the forecast on Sunday. Unfortunately I didnt get to do any photography that day because of other commitments.

Tuesday, however, I was free so having fed the birds at the feeder station I decided not to join the four other photographers there but went to the arboretum. Initially the light wasn't brilliant but the birds were, I couldn't stop myself trying to get the odd shot.

This lovely little Long Tailed Tit was a great surprise.
I just love this bird, it has to be one of our most charismatic birds.

Next is this Pied Wagtail, another lovely bird, especially in snow.

Of course there was no way I could leave out the Robin.

Also present in the trees were the Ravens, this specimen didn't come too close but one of the others did, I was photographing a GSW at the time.

This was it.

A trip later in the day to Hawling for the Short Eared Owls that have been much mentioned on the Gloster Birder site gave me the opportunity to photograph this lovely Stonechat.

and then this Wren.

I can't make up my mind if any of the S.E.O shots I got are worthy of putting on here. I'll have a think and possib ly post some tomorrow.
Thankfully despite temperatures of -6 and below we have had no more snow, I say thankfully from a driving perspective rather than a photgraphy one.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Worthy of note.


No pictures this time, I merely wanted to draw your attention to the fact that another of my friends has recently had some pictures published in a national magazine.

You may or may not know that Chris Grady used to be an national standard match fisherman. He was recently asked by a friend to take pictures of the Wye Festival fishing event on the river Wye in Hereford. He duly obliged and some of those pictures have appeared in the January issue of the Match Fishing magazine. Of note is a double page spread of one of Chris's pictures.

Going back to what I said about Dave Slater some weeks ago, it does make me proud to see a friends work in print. So well done Chris, let's hope you continue to have more success.