Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sun, Wind and Cold

I said in my last post or so that cold and bright I could handle and I can. Cold bright and extremely windy however is a different thing. Biting cold winds have made photography very hard this last week or so. I did try to use the wind to my advantage on one afternoon and spent an hour or so trying to get gulls in flight.

Lots of frames to produce these. I also snapped a couple being still.

I was also amazed to see the ducks misbehaving, I know it's nature and I know that nothing can change it but it looks horrific, You have to feel for the females.

A group of at least five males continually hounded this female for about 20 minutes, on the odd occasion she was able to get from under them they chased her around the lake. On some occasions she was under water for what seemed like minutes.

Still she gave me the odd opportunity to grab a shot of her in flight too.

The moorhen came on to the bank right near me, which was nice, I couldn't resist getting a shot of it.

The shot of the week for me this week however has been the first Chiffchaff of 2013, can I finally believe spring is here?

The evening light was just glorious.

I have also seen a Grey Wagtail in the village this week, on a tiny brook in the wood next to where I walk the dog, I can't recall ever having seen one in the village before so it was doubley nice. I am also up to 59 on the bird list.

I got my first bit of Macro/Close up shot recently, it was a Varied Carpet Beetle which as scary as it sounds wasn't cause for any panic.

I also got on my knees to get another shot of a Crocus in my mum's garden.

I hope that the Sun continues to shine and that the temp rises a fair few degrees.